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Conversational Spanish & Latin Culture

Conversational Spanish/Latin Culture


Conversational Spanish  Grade Level 7th

Is a high school level preparatory course.  This course focuses on communication in Spanish by speaking, reading, writing, and understanding, written and spoken Spanish.  this class will be conducted in Spanish.  This course is for studets who have a background in Spanish or those who have an appreciation and desire to acquire a second language.  "homework, will consist of 30-60 minutes weekly.  Students who take this course wil be encouraged to continue to take Spanish at the high school level for at least 4 years. 

Adopted curricular materials:  Realidades level 1, Pearson



Latin Culture   Grade Level 8th

Is a high school level preparatory course.  this course focuses on communication in Spanish by speaking, reading, writing, and understanding written and spoken Spanish.  Students will study the countries and cultures where Spanish is spoken and will gain knowledge and understanding of the cultural framework (attitudes, traditions, values, and beliefs) of Latin America.  Increased emphasis will be placed on comprehension, reading, and writing (using the mal format) of the Latin American countries and culture. This class wil be conducted primarily in Spanish.

Homework will consist of 30-60 minutes per week.

Adopted curricular materials:  Realidades level 1 and Internet Resources.






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Conversational Spanish/Latin Culture

This term, students will have the opportunity to practice the target language in context through puppetry, cooking activities, restaurant presentations, fashion show, poetry, art activities (i.e. banners, paper flowers, clay artifacts, etc.), music, and traditional dances.